CfP: The fluidity and contestability of gender and sexuality

‚The fluidity and contestability of gender and sexuality’
Szczecin University
The aim of this symposium is to contribute to the academically informed discussion on gender within Anglophone and Celtic linguistics and literature as well as culture studies. To explore gender issues from a
variety of perspectives, we plan to organize plenary lectures and themed sessions on the topics of the fluidity and contestability of gender and sexuality. The point of departure for the conference is the assumption that gender-related processes take place in context (spatio-temporal, social, cultural and political etc.) and need to be investigated as such. Areas for possible contributions include but are not restricted to: gender studies, masculinity studies, queer studies, discourse studies, performativity theory, feminisms, media studies, sociolinguistics, education studies, LGBTQIA themes, sexuality studies and childhood studies. We would also like to invite theoreticians of gender and sexualities, as well as activists who deal with gender and LGBTQIA-related
issues in Anglophone and Celtic contexts. The language of the conference is English. We plan to publish a monograph, which will include selected papers from the symposium.

Our goals are to:

– offer a forum for faculty and PhD students to present papers and
work-in-progress in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere
– allow participants to present different methods and styles of gender
research and hence explore the creative, interdisciplinary potential of
language and gender studies
– work up an interdisciplinary research agenda – a line of gender
inquiry which will further the fight against gender-related discrimination
and stigmatization
– offer a platform for BA and MA students interested in the topic to share
their academic interests in Young Scholars’ Workshop

Keynote speakers:
prof. Judith Jack Halberstam (University of Southern California)
dr Bethan Benwell (University of Stirling)
The deadline for abstracts (approximately 250-300 words):
May 15th, 2012

Please submit your paper proposal online
Organizing Committee
dr Julitta Rydlewska
dr Ewa Glapka (conference leader)
mgr Aleksandra Tomczak
mgr Barbara Braid
mgr Malwina Degórska
Students’ association QUEER US