CfP: Gendered Memories of War and Political Violence

22-23 May 2012 Istanbul, Gender and Women’s Studies Forum, Sabancı University
Workshop organized in the framework of the Central European University – Sabancı University Joint Academic Initiative by Ayse Gül Altınay and Andrea Petö
Opening Remarks by Cynthia Enloe
20th century has been a century of wars, genocides, and other forms of political violence. It has also been a century of feminist struggle and theorizing globally. At the peak of what is sometimes called the “memory boom,” this conference seeks to explore the different ways in which wars, genocides, and other forms of political violence are remembered through a gender lens. Central questions include (but are not limited to):
• How have wars, genocides and other forms of political violence been narrated and represented by
men and women?
• How do women remember and narrate sexual violence in war?
• How do (written, oral or visual) testimonies challenge or reinforce the hegemonic accounts of wars and genocides?
• How are wars memorialized and gendered through monuments, museums, and other memory sites?
• What is the impact of the ethnicization/racialization of violence on the making of gendered memories?
• How is the relationship between the “personal” and the “public/national/political” (re)conceptualized in popular culture, film, literature, and (auto)biographical texts dealing with war, genocide, and other forms of political violence?
• How are “humanitarian interventions,” post-conflict processes, and transitional justice gendered?
• How do women’s, feminist, and LGBTQ movements contribute to critical memory work on wars?
• What kind of impact has feminist scholarship had on war and militarism studies, genocide studies, and memory studies?
• What new concepts or theoretical frameworks (queer? postcolonial? critical race studies?) promise new openings in feminist analyses of memory work on wars and genocides?
Call for Papers